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SARDA News May 2018

The past three months the teams have been busy working toward Fundamental Skills Assessments. All teams passed the required element and search requirements and now continue to work toward their re-accreditation status in July, 2018. The FSA was assessed by Luke Edwards from Canidae Development who has expert vision and status to cover all aspects [...]

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SARDA Interoperable Training – Practical 2018

SARDA Interoperable Training - Practical 2018 SARDA & CFA (Country Fire Authority) B-platoon Dandenong CFA combined in our practical Hazmat awareness as a part of our 2018 Interagency Operational Preparedness Course with theory & practical over the last two weeks. Thank you to CFA Hallam Hazmat Instructors Leading Firefighter Marcel Van Elmpt and Firefighter Adam [...]

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SARDA Interoperable Training 2018

SARDA Interoperable Training 2018 Thank you to MFB (Melbourne Metropolitan Fire Brigade)for the invitation today to attend the opening of their new Laverton Fire Brigade. SARDA-Search & Rescue Dogs Australia Inc continues to collaborate with all the Emergency Services in both training and days like today where the interoperability of rescue agencies continue to support [...]

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SARDA Training 2018

SARDA Training 2018 2018 training year has really started well. Two new teams had their first training on rubble, both dogs (black were both amazing. They have already started on element training and we saw their strong play/hunt/prey drive master the rubble and unstable surfaces excellently, it didn't put them off their desire for [...]

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