Members include dog handlers and support members.


Search dog training is a highly rewarding activity that creates a unique bond between handler and dog: each handler owns their own dog or dogs, who live with them.  Our home ground is at Crib Point on the Mornington Peninsula and we use other various rubble and building sites to provide diverse search scenarios.

Support Members: Survivors and Administrators

SARDA support members are pivotal to the success of the organisation.

Administrators assist the SARDA executive committee with management, fund raising and organisation of training activities.

Survivors hide so that search dogs can practise finding and reward the dog with vigorous play when successful.

Some people begin as support members, learn about search work and get to know SARDA, then move on to become dog handlers themselves.

Being a member of SARDA involves contributing to the successful running of the organisation.


Do you and your dog have what it takes to become a Disaster Search Dog Team?

Does your dog have:

  • The drive and stamina to search all day?
  • The agility to work on rubble and ladders?
  • Independence to search combined with response to your control?

Are you fit and agile enough to climb over rubble and other disaster sites?

Do you have training in, or are you willing to get training in:

  • emergency procedures
  • the use of emergency equipment
  • survival and navigational skills
  • advanced search and dog handling methods (i.e. scent movement)
  • personal fitness
  • first aid (human & canine)

Are you prepared to commit the time for:

  • Training with your dog 6-7 hours per week, every week?
  • Up to 2 years training before formal assessment starts?
  • Participation 3-4 day workshops, exercises and community events?

As a SARDA team member, are you prepared to:

  • Train or deploy with the team, day or night, wet or fine?
  • Work under the command structure of the Emergency Service task force?
  • Contribute to the day-to-day running of SARDA?

If you are interested in further discussing becoming a SARDA member, please contact Julie Cowan,  SARDA Secretary and Training Manager, contact SARDA using their enquiry form or call us on 0412 037 327.

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