As Founder of SARDA 1994, Julie has had Operational dogs for the 30 years since inception. 

Operational dogs in Landsar, Usar, Human Remains Detection and Human Remains Water Detection.

Julie continues to access the best trainers and training methods to keep her and SARDA teams at International Levels.



Andrew came on board with SARDA in 2002, having had Operational dogs in Landsar and Usar and continues to train SARDA teams to International level. As lead trainer of the unit, his commitment to finding the best in every team he oversees is undeniable whilst also training and working his own K9’s to operational status and deployment.


A trained Psychologist she joined SARDA in 2018 after searching for the right job for her K9 Misia, who wasn’t suited to the intended role of therapy dog. Aleks was determined to lead a fulfilling life with her intelligent but ‘high drive’’ dog. After attending one day of training the rest is history! Aleks is now a dual certified handler, with two accredited K9’s – Misia in Landsar and Kaia who is certified in Human Remains Detection.


Dagmara joined the unit and commenced training during the pandemic, despite the challenges of lock down disruptions, her team was assessed and became successfully operational at the end of 2022 and they have been called upon for many deployments since.


Kai has been a volunteer with the unit from his mid teens. Now with K9 Archie, he is on his team training journey, and looking forward to the learning opportunities ahead.


With a background in event management and additional training in Disability Support commencing training with SARDA as ‘missing person’ for the dogs at training to find. In her time with the unit Kate has been honoured to be a support person on 2 deployments. 



Chris is a life member of the unit. An avid dog lover and trainer, He has trained with Andrew & Julie for many years and is dedicated to supporting the new teams as they make their way towards assessments.   


Lindsay was born to serve. A dedicated SES member and volunteer. SARDA has benefited from her commitment and knowledge sharing along with her desire to learn about working with K9 teams for the last 4 years. 


Mark embraces his role as the president of the organisation with great enthusiasm, and his energy levels when it comes to working with the team is a true asset.