SARDA search dogs specifically search, locate and alert to missing and trapped people, they do not track, they locate using the airborne scent from persons lost.

These dogs are trained to search off lead. They scan the area to pick up the desired scent, then narrow in on the source.

Working off-lead, they are able to cover large areas very efficiently.


Live Find (Land Search)

SARDA search canines locate survivors by air scenting. These canines are trained to search off-lead, to scan the area to pick up the scent of human breath and bacteria and narrow in to find the source.

Working off-lead, they are able to cover large and varied terrain. This method of search provides greater safety for both canine and handler.

This technique can also be applied to industrial or urban environments.

USAR search canines locate and alert to trapped or missing persons in disasters situations resulting from explosions or natural disasters; earthquakes, floods, landslides, fires, or terrorist activities.

They can detect the scent of a person potentially meters down, sometimes in instances where a human rescuer may not be able to see or hear the trapped individual.

Human Remains Detection

Search canines locate and passive alert to human remains.

These canines can locate a deceased person many years post-mortem, even when buried to significant depths, including underwater.

They can be used post-disaster or to identify hidden gravesites in wide-area searches.

Water Detection